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Jake Hatley

Shop Shooter 2019

Last year I was able to compete in 3 national level shoots. My goal for 2019 is to make it to at least 3 this year. Every year I become a better more consistent competitor and so far this indoor season has started off as well as I could hope for. This winter I made a brave move and switched from my Mathews bows to shooting Prime bows for both hunting and competition. Within a couple weeks of playing with the prime’s I am shooting higher scores than ever. With hours and hours of training and practice I hope to carry my new high scores to the outdoor shoots.

Hannah Hatley

Shop Shooter 2019

Recap of last years archery events was pretty epic.  I started off the year shooting at the Vegas shoot which was a life experience that I wont forget and look forward to doing again this year.  I also participated in my third year at the Western Classic Trail Shoot in Redding California.  I stepped it up in 2018 by shooting partners with Anieta.  I was not able to participate in many of the local shoots since I was treasurer of the local club I was responsible in helping make sure the shoots ran smoothly.  Always a good time putting on a successful shoot.  Rounded out the year shooting my first archery buck and participating in the local leagues at Alpine Archery and Fly.  I look forward to participating in these shoots and more of the State competition shoots this year.    

Last year was a challenge for me in my shooting.  I was shooting higher scores but I was also finding it hard to find consistency in my shooting.  My main goal to focus on this year is learning to properly execute my shot.  It has been something I have struggled with and now find that it is something I need to focus on in order to becoming a better archer.  So even if I don't see an improvement in my scores I would like to walk away from 2019 saying I executed most (if not all) of my shots beautifully.  This is going to take a lot of work and dedication but I am hoping to write next year that I met this goal.  

Still loving this wonderful and frustrating sport and cant wait to see what 2019 as in store for my representing Alpine Archery and Fly as a shop shooter.  Trust your shot and let those arrows fly!!

Jennifer Etchamendy

Shop Shooter 2019

2018 was somewhat uneventful as far as shooting goes for me due to a major surgery in February that kept me from shooting until the end of March. And then a shoulder injury in April that kept me from shooting until the Thursday prior to opening day of archery season.

What I was able to do was find some resources online that I feel are helping my archery hunting chances for success. The first was watching the Born and Raised Outdoors Land of the Free Project 1.0 and 2.0. I also started the Elk101 course online.  Besides the online education, I lost 14lbs. and plan on losing quite a bit more prior to the 2019 archery season. Due to my shoulder injury, I was in physical therapy twice a week from May through the end of August. I was very motivated to get my shoulder repaired enough to be able to shoot for archery season. Even though I was not able to harvest an animal this year, I learned more than ever about elk and hunting, and I was closer than I have ever been to an elk and it was so much fun!! I can’t wait until archery season 2019!! I was able to shoot the first leg of the 2018 shoot out tour before Thanksgiving, which was my first indoor shoot.  Besides preparing for archery season 2019, I would love to be able to participate in more indoor shoots and try some Field shoots along with my outdoor 3D shoots.

I am attaching some photos that I took this past year of some places I went and of my bow because I love it so much.  I am thankful for the opportunity to represent Alpine Archery and Fly for 2019 and I hope that I will be able to post more ACTUAL shooting photos in 2019.

Scott Wilson

Shop Shooter

This past year saw some changes for me and some things that said the same.  I spent some time helping out in the shop during some busy times and helping out with some of the shop sponsored tournaments.  I continued to help out with a program called Centershot.  It is an eight week program that combines learning beginning archery skills and some bible study. 


I was able to compete in two legs of the State Triple Crown again .  I also shot in several e-D shoots and shot in both the Redding Western Classic and Safari in Noti.

I'm shooting a Prime One 39 STX for indoor and marked yardage shoots.  This year has been different because I am trying to shoot my target bow with a back tension release. For hunting this year I shot a Mathews Halon X. I have since changed over to a Prime Centergy Hybrid. I will also use this bow for all 3-D tournaments this year.

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