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Casey Lowe

Shop Shooter 2019

For the 2018 year I had successes and struggles that helped shape me. From my nerves getting the best of me at the OBH Indoor Tournament to placing in the stop three at the Anthony Lakes Supershoot. Each moment helped build me as an archer and guided me to work on my mental game. As always one of my favorite shoots was the Redding California shoot where I get the opportunity to see so many of my favorite Archery Family! There I was able to pull off fifth place and shot my highest score there to date. In addition to the competitive shooting I am still leading the local 4H Archery club that I am proud to say is growing with each year! My husband and I continue to also support the local Grande Ronde Bowmen club as we have for many years.  From hunting to tournaments archery continues to be an important fixture in our home.


   This next year will hold some changes for our family as a new baby will be joining us in April. Though the kick off to my 2019 archery year will be slow going I will still be there helping where I can and shooting! My goal is to continue to work on my mental game and executing my best shot with each arrow. I will continue to mentor our youth and thier growing love of archery so we can have more amazing shooters and people step in to keep this sport alive. 


Here's to 2019 Shoot Straight

Hannah Hatley

Shop Shooter 2019

Recap of last years archery events was pretty epic.  I started off the year shooting at the Vegas shoot which was a life experience that I wont forget and look forward to doing again this year.  I also participated in my third year at the Western Classic Trail Shoot in Redding California.  I stepped it up in 2018 by shooting partners with Anieta.  I was not able to participate in many of the local shoots since I was treasurer of the local club I was responsible in helping make sure the shoots ran smoothly.  Always a good time putting on a successful shoot.  Rounded out the year shooting my first archery buck and participating in the local leagues at Alpine Archery and Fly.  I look forward to participating in these shoots and more of the State competition shoots this year.    

Last year was a challenge for me in my shooting.  I was shooting higher scores but I was also finding it hard to find consistency in my shooting.  My main goal to focus on this year is learning to properly execute my shot.  It has been something I have struggled with and now find that it is something I need to focus on in order to becoming a better archer.  So even if I don't see an improvement in my scores I would like to walk away from 2019 saying I executed most (if not all) of my shots beautifully.  This is going to take a lot of work and dedication but I am hoping to write next year that I met this goal.  

Still loving this wonderful and frustrating sport and cant wait to see what 2019 as in store for my representing Alpine Archery and Fly as a shop shooter.  Trust your shot and let those arrows fly!!

Brigham Phillips

Shop Shooter 2019

This last year was a struggle in the archery department. I started off the season with a malfunctioning release. I then proceeded to buy a new back tension release that is still a struggle to get figured out. I also had some mental game to figure out but I finished out the season strong at state 3D. Other than archery the last year was spent in the woods scouting elk and deer. I ended up not playing football this year. I instead spent my time in the woods chasing deer and elk. I was unsuccessful but had an amazing time. I also hunted the west side of the state for deer where I had some opportunities but was not able to close the deal. I also spent time that I wasn't at archery shoot , working,or scouting, fishing. That's what did last year I plan do do my first out of state deer hunt next year and to compete at as many archery shoots as possible. I also plan to spend more time in the woods and get my driver's license.

Cole Gomes

Shop Shooter 2019

In the last year I personally had several struggles. But the hardest being getting my form down to be correct. I had been shooting in the wrong form for several years so it was no easy thing to break from. I didn’t feel comfortable doing this. Until I was shown what would eventually happen. So I sought out training and help for this at Alpine Archery and Fly. I’m still working on it to this day and will always be working on it. But this has granted me much success. By getting my form down I have been able to comfortably and better compete at shoots as well as practice. My plans to better improve myself are to practice much more often than previously. Come to the shop whenever time prevails and seek more help on all aspects of shooting. I plan on helping as many people as i can through our local 4-H program as we have around thirty kids this year into 2019. I have already spent numerous times helping them with small things like not having a death grip on their bow hand to what arrows to purchase for Alpine Archery and Fly and measuring their draw length. This also ties into to our community as this is the most kids that have ever involved in the club in a extremely long time. This also brings the attention of the parents if they happen to archery hunt or have ever attended a few tournaments in their lifetime.

Brooke Huntington

Shop Shooter 2019

My name is Brooke Huntington.  Archery is something I love to do.  This year started off a little rough for me since I was left in a wheelchair after a serious motor vehicle crash.  My goal was to recover quickly, so I could get back shooting on my own two feet since, I wanted to shoot competitively.  I was able to compete at three different state tournaments, a national tournament and several local tournaments, which led me to great success.  I am also a member of the Flaming Arrows JOAD club, which has grown greatly.  I even hosted a youth archery fun shoot as a community service project.  My archery skills even allowed me to harvest my first buck with my bow.  My personal goals for this year are to improve my mental game (which is something I struggle with) and to improve my practice.  I also want to improve on my form and shot execution.  And, my last goal is to bring more people into the archery family.  I can't wait to see where archery will take me this year.

Matthew Cleveland

Shop Shooter 2018

Still waiting for his story.

Jennifer Etchamendy

Shop Shooter 2019

2018 was somewhat uneventful as far as shooting goes for me due to a major surgery in February that kept me from shooting until the end of March. And then a shoulder injury in April that kept me from shooting until the Thursday prior to opening day of archery season.

What I was able to do was find some resources online that I feel are helping my archery hunting chances for success. The first was watching the Born and Raised Outdoors Land of the Free Project 1.0 and 2.0. I also started the Elk101 course online.  Besides the online education, I lost 14lbs. and plan on losing quite a bit more prior to the 2019 archery season. Due to my shoulder injury, I was in physical therapy twice a week from May through the end of August. I was very motivated to get my shoulder repaired enough to be able to shoot for archery season. Even though I was not able to harvest an animal this year, I learned more than ever about elk and hunting, and I was closer than I have ever been to an elk and it was so much fun!! I can’t wait until archery season 2019!! I was able to shoot the first leg of the 2018 shoot out tour before Thanksgiving, which was my first indoor shoot.  Besides preparing for archery season 2019, I would love to be able to participate in more indoor shoots and try some Field shoots along with my outdoor 3D shoots.

I am attaching some photos that I took this past year of some places I went and of my bow because I love it so much.  I am thankful for the opportunity to represent Alpine Archery and Fly for 2019 and I hope that I will be able to post more ACTUAL shooting photos in 2019.

Jake Hatley

Shop Shooter 2019

Last year I was able to compete in 3 national level shoots. My goal for 2019 is to make it to at least 3 this year. Every year I become a better more consistent competitor and so far this indoor season has started off as well as I could hope for. This winter I made a brave move and switched from my Mathews bows to shooting Prime bows for both hunting and competition. Within a couple weeks of playing with the prime’s I am shooting higher scores than ever. With hours and hours of training and practice I hope to carry my new high scores to the outdoor shoots.

Greg Hadler

Shop Shooter 2019

My name is Greg Hadler, I have always archery hunted but have gotten into target archery about 4 years ago. Each year has been a little better than the year before. 2018 was my best year to date with personal best at Redding and a 14th place finish in the pro division, and overall Champion in the Senior Male division for the state of Washington.  My indoor game has been my Achilles heel in archery, the need to feel like every shoot had to be perfect and the additional pressure I put on myself.  I look to overcome that hurdle this year.  I believe the archery seminar sponsored by Alpine Archery and Fly will play major roll in helping me move to the next level.  Also the community of friends I have developed and shoot with continue to push and encourage each other to become better and enjoy the sport as well. I get great satisfaction in seeing my friends improve and succeed and I enjoy being able to pass on the knowledge I have learned from those with more experience to those that are just getting into the sport. 

Scott Allen

Shop Shooter 2019

My name is Scott Allen I am an ER nurse, but have a passion for the outdoors. I was raised in the Grande Ronde Valley in the small town of Elgin.  Where my family and I spent pretty much every weekend in the outdoors either hunting, fishing hiking, camping, or picking berries and mushrooms. My parents tell a story about taking hunting when I was just three days old. Not the kind of hunting where you drive around and look out a window. They strapped me their back and went out hunting; snow on the ground and all.


Being blessed to grow up in such a beautiful area has allowed me to experience all avenues of the outdoors here. I caught me first Steelhead on the Wallowa River when I was 10 years old. I enjoyed spending my springs on the river where I started out drift fishing for steelhead. We use to run our jet boat down to the Wallowa from the Grande Ronde River.  Where I experiences several 30 plus fish days. I later in life switched to fly fishing since it presented different challenges I enjoyed. I am very familiar with the Wallowa River down the Grande Ronde river through Troy OR. From there I turned to competitive bass fishing. I have fished in tournaments all over Oregon, Washington and Idaho. 

My biggest passion is Elk hunting. I have been lucky enough to take an elk with my bow 12 of the last 13 years. I really enjoy introducing new people to the outdoors. The most excitement/enjoyment I have had in the last several years is taking my two kids, son Kadin 9, daughter Paige 12 out hunting. Both of them have been successful with multiple animals.  I am thankful for the mentor program Oregon offers. My highlight of the last few years is when my son, at the time 8, asked me to teach him to call in elk. So, we worked all summer with diaphram reeds and he was able to call me in my 5X6 last year. 


I  pretty much love all about the outdoor and believe we are very lucky to live in this area. It is so diverse that it allows us the ability to go Steelhead fishing, bass fishing and hunting all within a couple hours of us, in some of the most majestic landscapes around.

Carissa Craghead

Shop Shooter 2019

2018 has been a year without complaint. I have achieved several goals in archery-shooting personal bests in Target archery during completion and at Redding for the Trail classic. I continue to learn from John and Anieta and I know that I am the only thing that prevents me from obtaining my new goals-I need to practice more! 

This hunting year, I saw my first turkey harvested with a bow and although I did not harvest any big game this year, both of my sons harvested their first elk-one with a bow, one with a rifle. As a mom, I took great pride in this and being able to be with both of them was a gift that I will cherish. As a Washington state hunter’s education instructor, I certified many new hunters this year and have had reports of many harvests. As an archer, as a hunter, perpetuating this lifestyle fills me with joy and I consider their success, my success. 

For 2019, my plan is to just keep moving forward with my archery. I have new goals and I know that the only way to achieve them is through practice. I have great equipment, I have great coaching-the rest is up to me and I am determined that with the help of my archery friends and family, the input from John and Anieta at Alpine Archery and Fly, I can reach these goals and prepare for the next set.


Scott Wilson

Shop Shooter

This past year saw some changes for me and some things that said the same.  I spent some time helping out in the shop during some busy times and helping out with some of the shop sponsored tournaments.  I continued to help out with a program called Centershot.  It is an eight week program that combines learning beginning archery skills and some bible study. 


I was able to compete in two legs of the State Triple Crown again .  I also shot in several e-D shoots and shot in both the Redding Western Classic and Safari in Noti.

I'm shooting a Prime One 39 STX for indoor and marked yardage shoots.  This year has been different because I am trying to shoot my target bow with a back tension release. For hunting this year I shot a Mathews Halon X. I have since changed over to a Prime Centergy Hybrid. I will also use this bow for all 3-D tournaments this year.

Clayton Lowe

Shop Shooter

This past year I enjoyed competing at several tournaments, meeting new people, and helping our local 4-H archery youth!  Big shoot-offs seemed to be the theme of my tournament trail this year.  I shot off for 2nd at the NFAA Marked 3D Nationals, for Pure Elevation Champion at the NW Mountain Challenge, and for Open Champion at Anthony Lakes!   Shoot-ups, practicing at the shop, and learning to compete at a high level all helped me come away victorious in these.  I was most nervous in the shoot off closest to home!  This year I aim to be in more 3-D shoot-offs, and go to a couple new shoots.  I want to learn more about extreme angle shots, and how to keep shot form from breaking down in odd positions.  I'm excited to see more new faces at 4-H, and am excited about our group!  My hope is to build kids' self confidence, and sense of community while I teach them about archery.  I plan to continue helping the Grande Ronde Bowmen improve our wonderful range and shooting events! I hope to see YOU at the shop, the range, and on the tournament trail!

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