September 2019

Upcoming Events

2nd Flaming Arrow JOAD Youth Tournament

October 19-20 

Please Register


$30 per entry

Trophies, raffles, door prizes

Come support the youth.

Hunting In 2019


This year has been a year of firsts.  We are posting the photos on Facebook but not everyone is or sees this.  We wanted to share some of the photos that have come in and congratulate them on their success.  

Flaming Arrows


Young Archers this is for you!  If you are already in the JOAD program make sure your membership is current.  If you are not a member yet this is something you will want to be a part of.  Come to our first shoot for score and ask questions or stop by the program.

We will be meeting once a month for the club to discuss what all we want to do and go over skills to help you shoot better. The other meeting each month will be to shoot for score.  

If you are looking for lessons with this program it is $50 which is once a week lesson in a group setting for 4 weeks. 

First and Third Thursday of each month is a club meeting. Invite your friends!

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