Grande Ronde Bowmen Membership

As a club there is a lot of possibilities and directions the archer can go. We would like to explore these options and share our knowledge with you. One of these ways to learning to shoot outdoors.

Grande Ronde Bowmen have a range up Oswley Canyon. The membership form is attached. The range offers a 28 target course to shoot through along with a sight-in range up to 80 yards. The club is continually doing work on this course and has shoots through the year.

They have a shoot at the end of April. This is a fun shoot, but we would love to have the Flaming Arrows participate as a group. This would require practice up at the range.

This is another membership that goes from January to December. We understand this is not for everyone. Please let us know if you have concerns.

During April, we would like to spend some time shooting at longer distances and different angles to help the archer be well rounded in their skills. This would change the normal schedule class to meet at the GRB range. This is scheduled for a Saturday at 4:15 . Please let me know your thoughts and ideas on this.

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