Goals for April

April 1, 2017

We will be focusing on our grip for the month of April.  Each month we will have a different focus to improve our skills. 


Grip is a very import part of the shoot sequence.  The grip on a bow is where the archer places their hand on the bow.  This helps establish correct pressure point. 


“1. Center the meaty part of the thumb on the back of the bow grip.

2. The ‘V’ of the hand should be tucked under the bow shelf with the thumb pointing toward the target.

3. Only the part of the palm on the thumb side of the lifeline should make contact with the grip, establishing a center pressure point.

4. The knuckles should be at a 45-degree angle to the shelf of the bow.

5. The index finger of the bow hand should point down.” USA Archery.


If you can focus on this for the month, it will help you when we build upon this with the next step.