Wilderness Athlete 28 day Challenge

March 14, 2017






I have started this challenge to give you our customers an overview of what this product line has to offer.  I also wanted to see the benefits of it for myself.  I had been using another product for a energy and pre-workout but this product was hard to get and maintain in the store.  I wanted something that would always be available and customer service representatives that I could talk to about the product.  


Wilderness Athlete 28 day challenge includes hydration and recovery, energy and focus, meal replacement shake, green infusion, multi-vitamin, probiotics, and lean life.  I am also taking the omega 3.  I will start taking the Brute Force and Brute Strength when I am feeling better and start working out.


202 pounds is the weight that I started this challenge.  It has been 4 days since I started.  I started the day that I came down with a nasty cold.  I had a choice to use the product or to wait.  I figured that if I put it off then I would just keep putting it off.  


I started Wednesday night by reading the booklet that came with the challenge.  The information in it is so detailed and encouraging.  I am glad that Wilderness Athlete has a complete team that is available to help with any questions that I have.  I will be sharing information on each of the products through this challenge and my progress.  


My goal is to retain the muscle that I have and having that lean muscle. I want to be in the best physical shape that I can be in when I am chasing after those elk this next season.  I want to take my hunting to the next level and enjoy it.  I want to train hard now, so when I am out there in the woods it is easier than if I hadn't pushed myself.  


Wilderness Athlete 28 day Challenge is the first step in reaching this goal.  I want to eat healthy, have energy, and be fit.  I am excited to share this expereince with you.



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