After School Bow Classes

August 18, 2016

 Starting Thursday October 6 4:30-5:30 p.m. 


The kids have all kinds of activities to do.  Have you ever thought about getting them involved in Archery?  They will have the opportunity to learn a new skill and see if it is something that they would like to pursue. They will learn form, have fun, meet new friends, gain confidence, and more.  


This summer was the first time that these classes were offered, and the kids had a great time learning skills and then applying them to games.  We shot balloons with candy bars in them, played tick-tack-toe, and shoot outdoors.  They were able to see that there is a range of activities to do with archery and different ways to do it.  


If you are interested in the after school bow classes, please email  The classes will start in October 6th and be offered on Thursday at 4:30 - 5:30.  Each 4 week session will be $50 per student.


I look forward to seeing new and old faces exploring the world of archery.

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