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This last weekend was the OBH state 3D shoot. This was a challenging course because it was unmarked yardage. I know that this is one of my week areas. There were a few people that thought the same thing because we just don't do it enough.

Saturday everyone was assigned groups to shoot with. These groups were not just your class but with other classes as well. The group that I was in consisted of 5 shooters (2 Female Freestyle, 1 Female Bow hunter, and 2 Male Traditional). 3 of us were competing and the other 2 were shooting for fun and experience. It was an interesting day. We spent the day encouraging each other, searching for arrows that missed the target, learning, and building friendships. For all of us we went home thinking that things could be better tomorrow.

Sunday was a new game. We were grouped with others in our class that we were competing against. Hannah Hatley and I were grouped with Colleen Hearing and Casey Lowe. Casey was the only female shooting in her class while Hannah, Colleen, and I were competing against each other.

Hannah had a rough day Saturday judging yardage but Sunday she was on fire. She was nailing the target! Right from the beginning she was in the lead and I was so excited for her. She was leaving us all in the dust. To see someone that was struggling the day before and to come back and be on was amazing to be there as a witness. She didn't miss any targets and was hitting the 12 ring. She was shooting her Halon X and loving it. Overall she had the second highest women's score for one day at the shoot! She went from 259 to 347.

One of the joys of shooting is to see other people succeed. I was rooting for Hannah on Sunday to clean up and place first or second. I didn't care where I ended up. I was still shooting but I was rooting from my competitor. It was almost like she had her own groupie for the day.

Shooting is an individual sport and we compete not only with others but also with ourselves. When we see others doing great, we need to encourage them to continue and celebrate with them. This is all about being a family and wanting the best for others. It makes the time spent together great and the bonds that are formed last a lifetime.

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