Here in the North West capturing the true essence of archery hunting has proven to be a difficult task. Be it poor weather conditions, impassable terrain, crowded gates, or restricted access due to extreme fire danger, the odds are stacked against us. In order to consistently get-it-done we’ve developed a resilient mindset and work ethic that flat out works.

Over the past several years we have learned that telling our story through a lens is not just about the animal and the shot: Most of us would agree that a hunting story is the collection of the experiences through preparation, training, successes, failures, family and friends – All leading up to THE MOMENT that keeps us coming back!

THE MOMENT is derived from an incredible archery season that is nearly impossible to put into words. Our team has been blessed with the opportunity to capture multiple trophy quality, over-the-shoulder archery hunts including a 340” Roosevelt, 290” Rocky Mt. Elk, and a 160” Mule Deer. This is REAL, Do-It-Yourself, Spot & Stalk hunting from all across the State of Oregon. This is the one we have been waiting for…. This is, THE MOMENT!

The Moment

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