For years call makers have been using acrylic to achieve superior tone clarity, volume and versatility. We decided it was time that elk hunters had a truly custom acrylic elk call that would give the caller every advantage possible! The Hot Mess open reed cow call reproduces extremely lifelike cow and calf elk sounds including mews, whines, chirps and estrus whines.


With relatively little air pressure the caller is able to achieve the full range of elk sounds desired with as much or as little volume as you would like. By simply applying minimal back pressure with your control hand you are able to more than double the number of notes achieved with just one call. Each call is custom tuned and sports an anodized aluminum band on a polished acrylic body. If you are looking for an easy to run cow call that can do it all than the Hot Mess is what you are looking for.

Hot Mess Acrylic Cow Call

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